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This page provides links to site to people and organization that support Phone-man's Home Phone Wiring Advice Page with referrals or by providing some other service that supports the site and some customers that have made purchases of materials or tools at that provide goods and services that might be of interest to vistors and have approved of the link to their site.

This page also provides links to non-telephone related information/advice sites that provide material on other subject areas that might be of interest to vistors.

Please visit and support these sites:

Sites that provide referrals or other support for

DK Realty
Diana & Richard Kent - DK Realty - Paradise, CA - Magalia, CA - Sacramento, CA
Telephone Service Directory

Free Advice/Information Sites

Mortgage Professor's Advice and Counsel
Mortgage Professor's Advice and Counsel

GardenGuides Customers

None listed at this time.

Links on this page are not "for sale", are not just "reciprocal links", and are not part of any "pay-per-click" affiliate program.  These links are provided for information only and do not indicate an endorsement of by the other people and organizations or an endorsement by of the advice and information provided by the other people and orgaizations.  The linked sites either support by some means or are sites that are providing a significant quantity of information/advice in their subject area as a free public service (similar to this site).  In order for a link to be included on this page, the site must provide pages that include instructional advice/information on their subject area.  Links to sites that are only "question and answer forums" and "blogs" are not included on this page, although linked sites may also provide a forum for visitors to ask and answer questions.  Links to sites that are primarily on-line retailers are not included on this pages.  Sites may offer goods or services for sale, but must offer a significant quantity of advice/information that is not primarily focused on selling their products.  You may recommend a site for inclusion on this page by sending an email to hpwsupport(remove-this)@(spam-stop)  Sorry, you'll need to edit the email address to remove "(remove-this)" and "(spam-stop)".  Your recommendation will probably be acknowledged; however, not all sites recommended will be provided a link.

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