Jacks, Adapters and Other Accessories

An assortment of Panduit jacks.

There is an almost unbelievable variety of telephone jacks available.
You can find phone jacks almost everywhere, from the "Dollar Stores"
to full service electrical supply houses.

But, all jacks are not created equal! A few cents more spent on a well designed and constructed jack can save you hours of frustration. And appearance counts too. The plain beige wall jacks and surface mount box jacks that have long been a familiar sight still work just fine. However, when you start installing multiple jacks in one faceplate, you may find that some of the other available products are more suited to your desire for a "professional" looking installation.

Here are a few pointers:


Multi-line and multi-connection adapters are handy little devices - if you have the right one. The problem is that many of these adapters appear to be nearly identical and only the internal wiring changes their function. To make matters worse, manufacturers can't seem to agree on common terminology. Read the description on the packaging and make sure you get the adapter you need.

Adapter Style/Shapes

Dual Adapter Triple Adapter 2 Line Adapter

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