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When a telephone technician comes to your home, he'll probably be carrying a belt full of specialty telecom tools much like the one pictured at the left.  However, some of the most used tools on the belt are also found in the average home tool kit such as shown on the right.  You can do most of your home phone wiring work with a very limited tool kit.  But, some specialty tools become necessary when you encounter problems or use special wiring components.

Minimum Tool Requirements:

If you have a home tool kit such as the one shown above, you'll probably find that it includes all of the following.  Generally, if your wiring work is going to require purchase of a lot of basic hand tools that you don't have, I would recommend.

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Specialty Tools and Test Equipment:

Sometimes specialty tools and test equipment are indispensable.  But, they are specialty items, so they're not exactly inexpensive.  Purchase of some specialty tools to work with a 66 or 110 block wiring hub is reasonable.  However, if you find that your work will require a lot of other specialty tools or test equipment, I would recommend you either rent them or consider seeking professional assistance.  The cost of buying some specialty items significantly exceeds what you'll pay to have the job done by a professional.

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Generator/Probe Set

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