Why would I want more than one phone line?

If your home contains any of the following, you probably need more than one phone line:

Home Office, Teen-agers, Modems, Fax Machines

Life must have been much simpler in the past! For centuries, man actually survived without any telephones.  And modern man made do for decades with only one phone in an entire house.  But times have changed.

If your home is like mine, your phone line is always busy when you want to use it.  Having more than one phone line is relatively inexpensive and solves many of the problems encountered in today's communications intensive world.  Here are just a few examples of how an additional phone line could really meet your needs:

Obviously, the average home today needs more than one phone line!

How many?  That will vary according to how your lines are used.  A family of two adults and two teen-agers could easily use two or three lines.  The same family might want four lines if there is also an "in-home" business or a lot of modem or fax use.  If you decide you need three or more lines, it might be wise to start looking into a small key-system.  Using such a system to manage line access may serve your needs best.  Many of these systems allow use of standard single line phones and are therefore comparatively inexpensive as opposed to buying several standard multi-line phones.

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