Why does this site look "old"?

Some people wonder if this site is old and out of date
because it doesn't use newer coding techniques like "Flash" and
a lot of fancy animated graphics.

This site isn't "old", it's just simple!

The site is intentionally coded using very simple techniques
and uses the simplest possible graphics for two very specific reasons:

1) Minimize Bandwidth Requirements

I am sure that a significant number of people visiting this site are using dial-up or poorly fuctioning DSL to access the internet.  (That's probably why they're visiting the site!)  By coding the site with very simple techniques and using the simplest possible graphics, the load time for the pages is kept as fast as possible even on a slow dial-up connection.  I think that makes the site more usable for all visitors.

2) Minimize Time and Cost of Maintaining the Site

By coding the site with very simple techniques, the time required to maintain the site is minimized, which means I have more time to answer emails from visitors that need personalized advice.  Minimizing the bandwidth requirements also keeps the hosting costs for the site as low as possible - a significant factor for a site providing so much free advice to so many people!

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