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Find Servicemen / Installers to add new inside jacks, outlets, lines, cable, wire,
for home, residential & business phone systems.
Find Telephone Wiring, Installation, & Repair Contractors by Zip Code.
Telephone Service Directory
Find Telephone Wiring, Installation, & Repair Contractors by City.

Links to Other Phone Wiring Advice Pages

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What is a LEC and a RBOC? Answers from mb digital marketing.
Telecom Tidbits from Wil Dixon
Data Communications Cabling FAQ - Details and Definitions by Peter Macaulay
National ISDN Council

The "Low Voltage Home Pre-Wire Guide" by Mark Henrichs has a wealth of information, but is no longer available via the original posting at However, copies are currently available from several souces (not sure they are authorized by Mark Henrichs).
Try or
If anyone sees this and knows how to contact Mark Henrichs, please have him contact me about the possibility of posting an authorized copy so that this fantastic document is not lost.

Home Automation Index of useful links maintained by Dan Hoehnen (has telephone stuff too)
"Structured Wiring How-To" information by Bob Catanzarite (includes info on phone wiring).
The Antique Telephone Collectors Association
Telephone Collectors International
World Telephone Numbering Guide

Manufacurers, Distributors, and Vendors that may have some things you're looking for:
(Also see my Manufactures and Vendors page)
Catalog of Unique Telecom & Cable Installation Products - by Mike Sandman
Viking Electronics - Special phones and interface equipment

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