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Need just a few feet to connect a DSL splitter to the NID? See Cable "By-The_Foot" below.
For most residential telephone wiring applications, the correct cable choice is CAT5E. CAT3 cable would meet minimum requirements for phone and DSL wiring, but does not cost significantly less than CAT5E. CAT5E cable is a good value because it is much higher quality cable. No appreciable improvement in voice or DSL signal will be achieved by using CAT6 or better cable that costs significantly more. Most cable suitable for outdoor residential use is normally less fire resistant and is rated CMX only. Cable rated CMR is more fire resistant, but most cable rated only CMR is not suitable for outdoor use. This cable is CMR/CMX, so it has the fire resistance of CMR and the weather resistance of CMX. The sheath is marked "WEATHER RESISTANT" and "CMR" to avoid confusion with less fire resistant CMX only cable. (In the past this same cable was marked CMR/CMX, but that caused confusion when some building inspectors were unsure about the fire rating of the cable, so the marking was changed.) This cable is ideal for all indoor and outdoor residential installations. That explains why this is the only type cable offered at HomePhoneWiring.com.

I used to get a lot of requests for information on where to buy cable, especially in lengths of less than 1000 feet. Every place I know of sells CAT5E cable in 1000 foot boxes or on larger spools. That's great if you're wiring an entire home or office complex, but if you are a homeowner and only need 100 feet to extend to a new jack or to wire your DSL data line, you probably don't want to buy ten times that much. So, by popular demand, I am offering CAT5E CMR/CMX cable in shorter lengths! If you need a 1000 foot box, I think you'll find that the prices here compare favorably with your local home improvement center (if they even stock CAT5E CMR/CMX cable).

The cable offered here is four pair, 24 AWG, CAT5E CMR/CMX, Superior Essex 51-240-31.

This cable uses the newest color code system, as illustrated here. The tip and ring wires are different hues of the same color. For example, pair one tip is light blue and ring is dark blue, pair two tip is light orange and ring is dark orange, etc. This makes it very easy to identify which wires are tip and ring for each pair.

The sheath is beige/gray. The manufacturer actually refers to the sheath of the cable that I stock as gray, but most people would call it beige. It comes close to matching most "khaki" clothing and blends well with most surroundings.

Orders for multiple units of less than 1000 feet will be one continuous run. You can order any length you need in 100 foot increments by ordering multiple units. The 1000 foot box is a standard industry "pull box". Lengths under 1000 feet are either coiled or a partial "pull box".

CAT5E Cable
100 Feet

Ship Wt = 2.7 lbs
CAT5E Cable
200 Feet

Ship Wt = 5.1 lbs
CAT5E Cable
300 Feet

Ship Wt = 7.7 lbs
CAT5E Cable
500 Feet

Ship Wt = 13.6 lbs
CAT5E Cable
1000 Feet

Ship Wt = 26.9 lbs
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CAT5E CMR/CMX Cable By The Foot
By The Foot

Add once to the shopping cart and then use the cart option to adjust the quantity to the number of feet you want to order.


This is the same CAT5E CMR/CMX Weather Resistant Cable offered above, just custom cut to "by-the-foot" lengths.

If you are installing a DSL splitter you might need a few feet of new cable to extend from the Network Interface Device (NID) to the splitter. If you are installing a wiring block you might need a few feet of cable as a new entry cable from the NID to the block.

In the past, I didn't sell cable "by-the-foot" because of problems related to expeditiously processing cable orders that each required a custom "cut and coil" job without negatively impacting to speed of processing other orders. I was also concerned about the potential for waste and other problems related to managing partial "remnant spools" of various lengths. However, many customers buying splitter and wiring blocks regularly ask me about the possibility of buying just a few feet of the CAT5E CMR/CMX Weather Resistant Cable to facilitate connecting those items to the NID and I wanted to accommodate those customers if practical. After much consideration, I decided I could deal with offering cable "by-the-foot" on a limited basis with the restriction noted above.

Cable "by-the-foot" will be cut and coiled as a separate piece of cable. It CANNOT be added to the bulk cable items above to "extend" the continuous length of those items.

Please comply with the restrictions on ordering shown above. It may be necessary to cancel orders that violate those restrictions, in which case the customer will be notified and it will be necessary to submit a new order.

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Return/Refund PolicyContact InfoMinimum OrderSpecial Orders
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